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Welcome to Macro Creators

Hello and welcome to Macro Creators. This is a place for people to find out information about artists and authors who produce work that includes Giants or Giantesses, information on the characters they use, in addition to any other interests or fetishes some of them may draw. The aim of this site is to get a strong community for artists and fans to find out more about each other and hopefully find new artists to enjoy.

Content WarningEdit

This site will have a lot of references to sexual fetishes or other similar themes. However, no sexual images are allowed to be posted. Censored work is acceptable, but please don’t be offended if it has to be taken down or replaced.

What is a 'Macro Creator'Edit

Macro Creator is a term used on this wiki to represent someone who draws, creates digital art, uses 3D models or simply writes stories which involve a character who is or becomes a Giant/Giantess in one way or another.

The term could also be applied to people who simply create a character who fits in with the giant/giantess quota.

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