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Giants (Also known as Macros sometimes) are people who are bigger then normal people. Normally Giants are male and Giantesses are female.


There are a lot of different sizes when it comes to giants, the smallest size a giant can be is between 8-10 feet tall, normally giants in the range of 8-15 feet (Some people might count up to 20 feet) are classed as mini giants/giantesses.

After that there are a lot of different thoughts on what someone should call a person of grater heights from that, some believe that after mini giant, it is simply giant till 50 feet tall, other believe it to be 100. There is nothing set in stone with it, however people normally have a set of names which normally goes like this:

  • Mini Giant
  • Giant
  • Huge Giant
  • Mega Giant
  • Giga Giant
  • Ultra Giant

Small PeopleEdit

A person doesn’t have to be big to still be classed as a giant. There is a lot of people who enjoy it where instead of a person growing it is only they who is shrinking smaller (That is if they aren’t already that size).

Small man by unknown artist

For Example a normal 5-6 foot girl could still be classed as a giantess if she is with a boy who is only a few inches tall, through the boy’s perspective, the girl would be huge, and the girl would be able to interact with the boy a lot like if she where 100 feet tall (Or whatever the math is for that).

Common reasons for growthEdit

Some creators or people who Role play have there characters already big (Or small) however some enjoy there character to undertake the growth, and there are a lot of different ways, here are a few broad, common reasons for growth:


  • Chemical spill
  • Potion taken to cause growth or maybe as a side affect for something else
  • Poised/drugged by someone else to grow, or the character might have a growing affect on them


  • Magical artefact which causes people to grow, or grants wishes
  • A spell backfired or just cast on purpose


  • Growth gun/ray which changes the size of the person it’s aimed at
  • A device which causes the user to change there size at will

Of cause these are only a few reasons for growth and there are plenty of other ways you can change someone’s size. I should also point out that it is possible that these reasons can also be applied towards shrinking a character rather then growing them.